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Our software is free. We do kindly ask that you visit our sponsors (above) so that we can recover some of our costs.
Thank you.
Metalogic Software makes great software with modest system requirements. Best of all, it's free. Not free to try or free but with ads or free but with spyware, we mean absolutely and completely free!
Give it a try, there's nothing to lose. If you like it, drop us an e-mail. If you find somewhere where we can improve, let us know.
We currently offer two products:
  • Finance Explorer: An easy to use personal finance software featuring budgeting, import transaction from your bank (MS Money, Quicken format) and much more.
  • Calculator: An alternative to the Windows calculator that allows you to enter expressions for a more natural way of solving calculations.
Latest Releases

Metalogic Finance Explorer 9.0.0
This release adds reporting. One report is included for listing transactions over a user defined time period. More reports to come in future releases. A big thank you goes out to user nicolleen for the encouragement and beta testing.

See the entire list of changes on the What's New page.

Download from Calculator 4.0
This update adds support for different locales. Metalogic Calculator will now use your Windows settings for the decimal separator, etc. It will also automatically remove noise characters such as currency symbols (also based on your Windows settings) to make it easier to copy and paste numbers from other applications. There are also some improvements to the UI.

See the entire list of changes on the What's New page.


2011-09-11: Finance Explorer on the The Kim Komando Show
We are honored to be featured on The Kim Komando Show is broadcast and syndicated on over 450 radio stations!

2010-12-07: Finance Explorer on
We are proud to announce that Finance Explorer is now available at A popular request for Finance Explorer has been to run it on a USB drive. Starting with MLFE 5, this is now supported.
First install the Menu
Then install Finance Explorer Portable

2010-12-01: The awards keep coming!
Finance Explorer has been awarded the "100% Clean" award by Softpedia. This award guarantees that Finance Explorer "does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors."