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Enhanced wxGrid
2006-05-31: The patch has been accepted! You can get it by downloading CVS HEAD.
2006-01-18: A patch has been submitted to SourceForge with the enhancements made to wxGrid so far. See it here. I am currently awaiting the results of that patch to continue further work.

Welcome to the (temporary) Enhanced wxGrid page. This is a humble attempt at adding some functionality to wxGrid which is found on most other grids. Also a bit of a face lift.

I wish not to fork wxGrid or create a new project. Rather this is an incubator for working on new features which when mature enough will be submitted as patches to wxWidgets. I will only consider a separate project from wxGrid if these changes are not deemed desirable by the wx team. Since these are obvious lacking features in wxGrid rather than "whistles and bells" I am hoping there is no problem with these changes getting accepted.

I'd like some feedback in these areas especially:

  • Feedback from non-Windows developers as I'm only able to test on Windows.
  • Feedback as to the usefulness of these changes to other developers. If many people are interested, that will give more weight to the patches submited.
  • Of course bugs.

This project is very much under testing and I am hoping to squeeze in a few more changes, including the ability for users to remove a column by dragging it off the column label area, built-in facilities for sorting upon clicking on a column label (show the up or down arrow), also I wouln't mind making the column dragging "prettier". For example the ListView and most other grids have a "ghost" column being dragged which gives feedback to the user. Any help on these features is appreciated.

Currenly the following has been implemented:

  • Column and row labels are drawn in a more subtle and modern light 3D rather than the dark 3D.
  • The text editor has no border. The 3D border looks rather dorky on a flat grid (plus no other grid does this).
  • The columns can be dragged to another position by the user.

Lastly, I only have limited time to work on this so please don't send me your wishlist of wxGrid features as that is beyond the scope of this project.

You can download it here. It includes the two modified wx library files (grid.cpp and grid.h), a project (VC++ 7.1) which exercises the enhanced grid and a Windows binary of that project so you can try it out. The wx source changes were done against 2.6.2 (non-CVS).

Flat Editor & modern light 3D
Current Editor & ugly dark 3D
Moving a column (Enhanced wxGrid)
Moving a column ListView (Windows), notice the blue bar
After move