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Metalogic Finance Explorer
Metalogic Finance Explorer is our flagship product. It's an easy to use personal finance software that packs enough features for those of us that don't need the overload of features that the big commercial packages offer. It's small yet powerful.
  1. Price: Completely free!
  2. Real time: Update your stock quotes directly from the web.
  3. Easy to use: Visit our online tutorial.
  4. Interface: A familiar and easy to use Windows Explorer-like user interface.
  5. Import transactions: Download them from your bank and import them directly into MLFE. No need to manually enter them. This will save you time and avoid mistakes. All popular formats are supported: Microsoft Money (OFX), Intuit Quicken (both QFX and QIF) and OFC.
  6. Budgeting: Set some financial goals and let our budget feature help you achieve them. At the same time get fine control over your spending. By sticking to your budget you will be able to achieve your goals faster, whether it's paying your debt or saving for something.
  7. Accounts: Supports several types of accounts including bank, cash, credit, etc. Can handle an unlimited number of them.
  8. Stock tracking: Keep track of your stocks. Current stock quotes can be downloaded from the web with a mouse click.
  9. Categorization: Put all your transactions into categories so you can get a better overview of all your expenditures and income.
  10. Net worth: Get a complete view of your finances at a glance.
  11. Loans: Record all your loans and track your progress as you make payments.
  12. Printing: Keep a hardcopy of your information.
  13. Export: Use your data from other applications. Formats: OFX and CSV (Excel NEW).
  14. Portable: The portable edition is integrated with
  15. Category Rules: Setup rules to automatically assign categories to your transactions when you import them.
  16. Reporting: View and print your transactions with optional filters by date and category. NEW